13-Piece Ultimate Bar Cocktail Kit
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13-Piece Ultimate Bar Cocktail Kit

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Whether your bar is looking to expand their menu and serve cocktails, or you're looking to offer mixed drinks at your social gathering or special event, this is the ultimate all-in-one cocktail kit for your operation! It includes 13 separate pieces, and each piece serves a unique function to help make the drink mixing process faster and easier. Plus, since all of the pieces are included in this one convenient kit, you can save time finding compatible bar supplies and start mixing drinks right away!

This exclusive cocktail kit includes a multi-purpose waiter corkscrew and bottle opener as well as a slim, flat bottle opener for quick service. A stainless steel scoop quickly retrieves ice for your refreshing cold drinks, while the 4 prong cocktail strainer and julep strainer are perfect for creating mint juleps and fruity cocktails. With the liquor pourer, two shaker sizes, 16 oz. mixing glass, jigger, and red ball bar spoon, you can ensure that your drinks are mixed uniformly and precisely! 

This kit is also great when working with bar garnishes, including herbs and citrus fruits. The wood muddler helps release fresh flavor for your mojitos and sangrias, while the stainless steel pom tong is perfect for handling orange or lemon wedge garnishes. Crafting classic cocktails will only be easier when you have the right tools for the job, and this ultimate cocktail kit ensures that you have what you need! 

Kit Includes:
- All-in-one waiter corkscrew and bottle opener
- Black free flow liquor pourer
- Flat bottle opener
- 16 oz. mixing glass with WebstaurantStore logo
- 6" stainless steel pom tong
- 4 prong stainless steel cocktail strainer
- 11" red ball bar spoon
- 15 oz. stainless steel cocktail shaker
- 30 oz. stainless steel cocktail shaker
- .75 oz. & 1.5 oz. stainless steel jigger
- Stainless steel julep strainer
- 6 oz. stainless steel scoop
- 8" wood muddler

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